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International Supply Chain Management (Sourcing Strategies) Essay

International Supply Chain Management (Sourcing Strategies) - Essay Example As a result of near-shoring activities, enhancement of cultural affinity takes place which acts as a boon to the modern businesses with respect to their value chain activities. The cultural affinity being developed provides strong prospect for the long-term relationship development among the various entities of the supply chain. As a result of this, the supply functions of the companies enhance up to a considerable extent. Finally, it is worthy to mention that the new approach of near-shoring as a sourcing strategy offers cost advantages to the companies. The proximity of time zone allows the companies to reduce the extra amount of work required to match with the time of the entity in other ends of the supply chain. The cultural affinity leads to reduced amount of time spend upon the cycles required for reaching a consensus (Neoris Practical Visionaries, 2010). However, the activities within near-shoring strategy for sourcing are not without risk associated with it. Although it is be tter to go for near-shoring than off-shoring as according to the contemporary managers, near-shoring cannot lead the companies towards achievement of goal when applied alone. A combination of off-shoring, onsite and near-shoring would provide better result than being used alone. Thus, instead of determining the advantage of near-shoring over off-shoring, it would be beneficial for the contemporary mangers to identify the most effective combination through which goals can be achieved (Bell, 2005). On-Shoring Along with near-shoring, on-shoring has also been evolving as an innovative concept in the businesses where efficient supervision of supply... This essay stresses that the opportunity cost associated with outsourcing at times triggers the interest among the companies to remain preset to this process. This is because through outsourcing the production units can derive the advantage of lower production costs in the developing nations of the world which would not be possible with the process of in-sourcing. Another noticeable disadvantage of in-sourcing is that the focus of the company gets deviated from its core competencies because of in-sourcing. In-sourcing might bring about the necessity of concentrating upon certain activities like that of IT in which the company is not expert at. In such a situation, the time, the efforts and the resources that will be spend over activities other than the core activities would be considered as extra amount of cost This paper makes a conclusion that development of various combinations of the modern sourcing strategies would be essential. The companies can then adopt various means of assessing each of the combinations in a critical way. The combination that anticipates the most effective output for the companies should be selected. These actions of the companies in relation to the adoption of one best sourcing strategy are helpful for both the short-term as well as the long-term prospects of the companies. This is because effectiveness of the sourcing strategies leads towards enhanced competency of the supply functions of the companies which is a competitive aspect in the context of the modern businesses.

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What to do with waste Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

What to do with waste - Essay Example To imagine, the amount of wastes being generated in hundreds of million to billion tonnes per year on a global scale should be alarming to the point we could not at all afford to neglect the issue and show meager efforts toward resolution of the encompassing matter. Actually, no exact statistical figures convey the immense number that must be dealt with since there are unreported cases of waste generation in several countries yet we can only be certain of the fact that waste quantities increase as they vary in direct proportion with human activities, material and energy consumption, as well as the widely experienced technological growth through time. The world has long struggled at managing waste disposals and treating wastes due chiefly to insufficient funds and appropriate fields of study that lack resources in terms of skilled researchers or interested experts who may be visualized together as solid passionate teams in creating ideas and innovating systems that efficiently address waste problems. Given this ever-worsening scenario, thus, we are brought to ask in serious enthusiastic tone â€Å"What do we and can we really do about our wastes on this planet in order to save mother nature, human health, and probably settle other critical concerns thereafter?† At one aspect, we can think of the fossil fuel crisis that affects almost everyone in the world and consider the equivalence fossil fuels make with contemporary wastes. By common knowledge, we are aware that fossil fuels are derived from organic remains of prehistoric plants and animals that undergo natural process of anaerobic decomposition. It normally takes 700 million years for decaying plant and animal matters to be fossilized upon exposure to extreme levels of heat and pressure. So how exactly would wastes, in relative measure, account for the risks of fossil fuel depletion? The point of advantage lies at discovering wastes as possible substitute for fossil fuels based on similar useful compo nents such as coal, natural gas, oil, or petroleum which may be recovered from a bulk of wastes’ organic composition. A successful content analysis must illustrate, by comparative studies, how wastes could feasibly become a good alternative for such non-renewable source of energy as their commonalities basically indicate that wastes are rich in carbon, hydrogen, and other elements capable of evolving heat energy upon combustive mechanisms. Once we have wholly figured such feasibility of producing energy with wastes through large volumetric yields of hydrocarbons, the next approach would be to come up with practical tools and methods relevant for the task. Hence, realizing the full potential of wastes in the context of possibly replacing fossil fuels should in part respond to the main query. Moreover, in the attempt to carry out energy conversions via exothermic reactions with wastes in solid and gaseous states, it would be necessary to establish medium to large-scale fuel pla nts just as what Dr. Martin Linck proposed to do in aiming for a 300,000-gallon per day production of fuel. An article written by Earth Times online columnist Dave Armstrong entitled â€Å"What to do with waste? Make our own fossil fuels!† notes Dr. Linck’s attendance and discourse during the 244th meeting of the American Chemical Society in Philadelphia where a scientific breakthrough known as the Integrated Hydropyrolysis and Hydroconversion Process (IH2) was introduced. According to Armstrong, â€Å"IH2 was developed by Dr. Linck’s Gas Technology Institute (GTI) in Des Plaines – Hydrogen from the waste and many cheaper catalysts move the processes by which the ‘feedstock’ raw materials are converted into the oily products.† Apparently, in this setting, wastes enter a type of modern technology which would manufacture gaseous hydrogen and oils as ready-to-use fuels. At this stage, we may further extend thought to the probability of ad opting designs for fuel production at optimum level and we may to some degree be glad on

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Clovis People Essay Example for Free

Clovis People Essay DNA harvested from the remains of an infant buried 13,000 years ago confirms that the earliest widespread culture in North America was descended from humans who crossed over to the New World from Asia, scientists say. The research, detailed in this weeks issue of the journal Nature, also suggests that many contemporary Native Americans are direct descendants of the so-called Clovis people, whose distinctive stone tools have been found scattered across North America and Mexico. The origins and genetic legacy of the people who made Clovis tools have been topics of debate among scientists. While most archaeologists think that the Clovis people were descended from Asians, an alternative theory suggests that the Clovis ancestors emigrated from southwestern Europe during the Last Glacial Maximum more than 15,000 years ago. The new findings strongly refute that idea, known as the Solutrean hypothesis, said study co-author Michael Waters, director of the Center for the Study of the First Americans at Texas AM University. This shows very clearly that the ancestry of the very first Americans can be traced back to Asia, Waters said. David Anderson, an anthropologist at the University of Tennessee Knoxville, agreed. Theres been a standard model for a long time that modern Native Americans are descended from populations coming from East Asia a few thousand years before Clovis, and thats what this finding reinforces, said Anderson, who was not involved in the study. Anthropologist Dennis Jenkins of the University of Oregon said the new study was a really important and really well done piece of research that opens the door for new kinds of genetic comparisons among ancient Native American remains. The importance of this cannot be overemphasized, said Jenkins, who also did not participate in the research. People have often asked me whats the relationship of the Paisley Caves—a site in Oregon where human feces and artifacts up to 13,200 years old have been found—to Clovis, and Ive always said that would be really nice to know, but there hasnt been any Clovis DNA until now, he said. Oldest Burial in North America. The skeleton of the Clovis child—which experts determined belonged to a young boy about one to one-and-a-half years old—was discovered in 1968 in the Anzick burial site in western Montana. Dozens of ochre-covered stone tools found at the site were consistent with Clovis technology, and radiocarbon dating revealed that the skeleton was approximately 12,600 years old. The Anzick skeleton is the oldest burial in North America, and the only known human burial associated with the Clovis culture, Waters said. Photo of the site where the artifacts were found. † width= PHOTOGRAPH BY MIKE WATERS The earliest known North American burial was found here in western Montana. Using bone shavings collected from the skull, the scientists painstakingly reconstructed the full genome of the young Clovis child. It was actually quite a big challenge, said study leader Eske Willerslev, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark who led the sequencing effort. Only 1 to 2 percent of the collected DNA was human, Willerslev said. The rest of it came from bacteria that invaded the skeleton after death. Comparison studies of the ancient DNA showed that it was similar to the genomes of ancient people living in Siberia and the ancestors of East Asians. The team also discovered a deep genetic affinity between the boys genetic material and those of 52 Native American populations living in South America and Canada. The Anzick remains share a common ancestry with almost every modern Native American group that we looked at, Waters said. This is an incredible result, Willerslev said, because it suggests that the relatives of the Anzick child were the direct ancestors of most Native American groups living today. This would be possible, he added, if the population of humans living in the New World about 13,000 years ago was very small and every member was closely related to the others. The scientists say they strongly suspect, but cannot yet prove, that Native Americans in the United States are also closely related to the Clovis people. Native American groups in the U. S. have been reluctant to share their DNA, or the DNA of their ancestors, with scientists. Unfortunately, we dont have much genetic material for native people living in the United States, Waters said. If you look at the genetic map [of humans around the world], the U. S. is a big [blank] spot. Jenkins of the University of Oregon said he hopes the new study will lead to further collaborations between scientists and U. S. Native American groups. That trust has got to be developed, and thats where Willerslevs group really excelled, Jenkins said. Well be better anthropologists and scientists if we view these remains more as the remains of people rather than just artifacts.

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Essay --

The number of children who enter foster care is rapidly growing; however, there are not enough foster parents for these children. Children are placed into foster care because of neglect, abuse and many other reasons. Foster parents are single individuals or married couples who become licensed to serve as caretakers for foster children. Foster parents are very important because they help the child grow and by providing love and affection, and even stability while they are away from birth parents. The purpose of this review is to increase the awareness about foster parenting and finding ways to recruit parents to create successful foster placements. A research study shows that twenty-two licensed foster parents at a parent training session with the Louisiana Department of Social Services was compare to the role perceptions of White and African American foster parents, (Nabusti, York, & Sandell, 2004). This study found that there are some differences and similarities in White and African American foster parents. They collected data from 128 African Americans and 65 White foster parents. This study proved that African American parents are likely to take care of children who are related to them; nonetheless, they isolate themselves from child welfare agencies, (Nabusti et al., 2004). In this study, foster parents revealed they were responsible for creating a relationship between the foster child and birth parents, assisting the child with social and emotional development, helping the foster agency operate easier, providing the child with traditional parental roles, and establishing spiritual relationships with the child (Nabus ti et al, 2004). This study proved that African American foster parent think it is extremely important t... ...t that we understand the foster care system and its process as well. Finding ways to recruit foster parents is very important. All of the studies discussed above have found ways to recruit foster parents, give advice to foster parents to make foster placement successful, and even compared the African American and White foster family perceptions on foster care. The foster care system is very serious and proper foster placements are very much needed. While researching recruiting foster parents, I noticed that church or organizations have not hosted a foster recruitment day to increase interested families awareness on how to become a foster parent. Hosting an educational seminar on the importance of foster families and explaining to the audience on how to become foster parents would be an effective way to increase the awareness of interested foster families.

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Analyse, compare and contrast some poems by Roger Mcgough with other related poems

Roger Mc gough is a well-known English performance poet who was born in November 9 1937. Mcgough was born in Litherland in North Liverpool a city where he is firmly associated. He was educated at the University of Hull. Currently he presents a radio programme on BBC four known as Poetry please and he records voiceover for commercial as well as performing his own poetry regularly. He writes poetry drama fiction and screen plays. He was a pop star who was in the band â€Å"scaffold†. Mcgough is a poet who relates his poem to the issues, which really affect the people directly or indirectly. The poems in the coursework are â€Å"The lesson† which is a poem, which tackles issue of Capital punishment. It is themed on teachers and students but the punishment taken over there is totally different. The next poem is about funeral blues, which is written by WH Auden. This poem is the grief of the loss of his partner and we could say that might be the inspiration to write this poem and share the grief with the rest of the world. Then we move on to stop the entire car. This is the parody of Funeral blues written by Roger Mcgough who is also writing the poem on the grief of losing the metro which went extinct after a few of years of it production and this poem is dedicated to the fans of the Metro. The next poem is Don Lockwood, which was then turned into s famous song, writes the Singing in the rain heavy. Love is abstract and there is nothing in this world that literally expresses love, but the poet of this poem has turned love into joy and that is the theme behind this poem. The title stands for itself- a man singing in the rain because he is in love. The last poem is the parody of the poem, which is known as stinging in the rain, which is written by Roger Mcgough. This poem is about tackling with global issues right now, which concerns most of the people, which is acid rain. The titles Roger Mcgough uses for his poem stands out itself. It delivers the message to the audience instantly and the audience knows what they can expect from this as no surprise is created in Roger Mcgough's creations. Titles have a dramatic effect on the capability of attracting the audience to read the poem and the titles Roger Mcgough uses are straight to the point. Let's start off with the Lesson. Roger Mc Gough. The poet has introduced a new theme for the poetry world. The theme is hard to believe in reality. The lesson is all about violence and Mcgough has taken this all the way through his poem. There are only two types of characters in this poem and they are the teacher and the students. The difference of the poem starts off from whereas in the poem the teacher is a cruel and hard minded person whereas in reality it turns to be a role model for the students. The background or the plot is that capital punishment happens in classroom. In 1980 UK corporal punishment in school was not rare and based on that Roger took it one step further and thought of having capital punishment in classroom. In this poem a lot is going on such as violence death pain humour etc. Rogher Mcgough has started off with reality as you walk in a classroom you could hear the noise of students screaming and this is how he starts off too. â€Å"Chaos ruled OK in the classroom†. The line in this describes that the students are the ruler of the classroom who has the authority. This sentence is a parody as Roger Mcgough has used this words in which he was familiar off as the words â€Å"Chaos ruled OK† was common in 1980's. Roger Mcgough through the First line he has introduced the students to the reader and the next aim was to show to the readers about the teachers as he says, â€Å"bravely teacher walked in†. This sentence shows that the teacher comes over to the classroom to take over the control and the authority back from the students. This is what happens in reality but from now the silence of the poem begins. The poet use violent language to show the intensity of the poem to the reader. He says, â€Å"Havoc wreaker ignored him†. In this section he is assigning havoc wreakers as students as they are the trouble causers. From the strong words the poet wants to show that he regained the control over the classroom. This shows that he made a vibrant start to the lesson and now he is going to teach a lesson to the children. A lesson that they will never forget. The words he used to describe them are so intense. The word â€Å"havoc wreaker† is so strong and is so exuberant that it terrifies the audience. Every lesson is based on a theme, and in this too the teacher starts off by saying the theme â€Å"The theme for today is violence†. Roger Mcgough wants to include violence everywhere he can because that is the plot for the poem. He uses many words to give the poem the pace and tone to the stanzas. Words such as throttled him then and there, garrotted the girl have the tone and energy given to it. Then he says â€Å"the one with the grotty hair† The words used here are alliteration such as â€Å"throttled† and â€Å"garrotted† as mentioned earlier. This word not only give the tone but give the punch and flow to it and keeps it at a constant flow rather than including hard words so that it would make s stop to the sentence and then continue. The mood of the poem is very scary as through reading the poem it shows several different aspects such as silence blood death and all scary things together. So through this it created the mood and atmosphere, which is negative. Roger Mcgough is spreading the seeds of violence throughout the poem. The poem says that â€Å"First come first severed†. He used dark humour to spice up the poem. The actual words were â€Å"first come first severed†. Here he created a pun of violence. He used this ironically to exaggerate things As we move on the words of his poems have got a lot of meanings in it such as taking this two sentence and comparing it. â€Å"It struck with deadly aim† and he â€Å"continued with the game†. The two sentences first of all have got a rhyme in it such as aim and game. In this he used many similes and it has very depth meaning. â€Å"The first blast cleared the back row they collapsed like rubber dinghies† This line in this section is a simile. As we look at rubber dinghies, these are the materials kids play with and Roger Mcgough compared it as collapsing which something terrible is happening from a kid's perspective and this shows a contrast. Again he uses personification in this poem such as â€Å"Silence shuffle forwards†. Again there is a contrast as in reality that silence can't shuffle forwards but Mcgough brought that to life. He uses Rhyme and rhythm for the poems and this structured the poem very well. In this poem the rhyme is organised in the second and the fourth lines of the stanzas. Such as â€Å"aim† and â€Å"game†, this gives a punch to the poem and these speeds up the line which are known as the iambic pentameter. He brought the soul into the words and that is one of the characteristics which would separate him from other poets Now as I move on to the conclusion Roger mc gough did not create this poem so that capital punishment would take place in school but to show to the world about the issues that are happening in this world. As Tom and Jerry, itchy and scratchy through violence conveyed a message it is the same what roger Mcgough is doing. He wrote this poem to show the violence to the world though a comical manner. In this poem another thought he brings is the current situation of the world where peace and calm no longer exists in the way it existed. Roger Mcgough explores the black and treacherous world out there which includes the cruelties that is happening to children. He is exploring the different levels at which some children's are being tortured in this world and this is a wake up call for the people torturing to show some humane behaviour towards them. The poem shows that the outer world is harsh and it is hard to live in this sinful world. Roger Mcgough just wrote some words into a paper but the meaning of it is endless. Now let's go to Funeral blues and stop all the cars. Roger Mcgough's titles are straight to the point and the evidence to back it up for this is the title for this poem. It is â€Å"Funeral blues†. It doesn't show to the audience on what the can expect clearly. In the poem Funeral blues the poet WH. Auden expresses his grief of the death of his lover by commanding to the people. Auden uses his imagery to convey the feeling of sadness to the world. He does this by commanding to the people. He says to the people â€Å"Stop all the cloaks† he is commanding this to the people to stop all the noises of clocks and let it remain in silence. The message also conveys that he wants the time to be stopped. This is the time his lover died and he wants to make the time still so he could enchant the precious moments. He wanted to take the time, back to the stage where his lover was alive and he wants all the imagination of them together. In the second stanza the tone he uses is the tone of despair. He says, â€Å"Let aeroplane circle overhead†. This again shows the assertiveness he brings into the poem. He is commanding in that sentence. At the first stanza he was commanding everyone to stop everything literally. By this he meant was to stop the world and now in the second stanza he wants to bring back all the noises of the aeroplane and wants to show his feelings and emotions out to the world and how much the lover meant to him and. This shows a contrast between two different thoughts. He is asking to bring back to extremities of nature. He is using the words, which is exaggerated or is hyperbole. He is asking for something, which is almost impossible One of the key element which has to be pointed out is that Roger Mcgough has structured the poem very well as the first two stanzas just show that he is commanding to the people and he wants it to be done but the real fact is no one has the time and patience to do this all. Again he commands, â€Å"Let the traffic policeman wear black cotton gloves†. These commands are not done by any of the people. They wont be doing this all because they don't know the seriousness of this or they don't feel the love given to his lover. This sentence asking the policemen to wear black cotton gloves is a sign of respect and honour giving to the body but in the real world no one is doing it. Next is when someone die you would inform the relatives and share the grief but the poet uses a different way to convey the message to the world. He says â€Å"Scribbling on the sky the message he is dead†. This sentence shows that he is doing the maximum to get peoples attention and he wants people to share his grief with the people but here is no one out there in the world who cares about the death of the lover of the poet. The first two stanzas of the poem were all about the command and to do this and that. He wanted the things he said to be done but the stanzas in the last two stanzas rather than using imperatives for it he uses a different theme and create that imagery mood over there. He describes to people that the lover was everything to him. Every second of his life he enjoyed living with his lover. He describes to people that by saying â€Å"He was my North, my south, my east and west†. The poet is saying that he was everywhere, wherever he goes his lover was with him as the poet goes â€Å"He was my working week and Sunday rest†. That describes that the poet wherever he was the lover as with him always. Then the pattern he created was different as the penultimate stanza it described all the love and emotion of the love and now to the last stanza it goes back again to commands but there is a difference he makes and it is that in the first and second stanza it is all about man made things and which is about our environment as aeroplanes policeman clocks etc but he is making a command to the nature as he says â€Å"Pack up the moon and dismantle the sun; pour away the ocean and dismantle the wood†. The grief is so heavy that he asks for the things, which is literally impossible to accomplish. This shows the intensity of romance he has towards his lover. He would do anything for his lover because the lover was so precious to him. Auden in this poem all together he created a mood which starts off very sadly as he commands to everyone to share his grief and at last a tone comes in which shows that he has given up everything. STOP ALL THE CARS This poem is the parody of funeral blues written by Roger Cough. Many people would regard parody as making the poem into a comical way but Roger Mcgough has done different. He has chosen a topic which was close to his heart and was loved my many people. He realises the pain WH Auden went through and he is writing an adapted version of it. This poem is all about taking the emotions and grief of WH Auden and brings in some of the funny thoughts of Roger and mixes them up. The poem is about the metro a car, which started its journey in 1980. This is a car, which was commonly used, but later the love towards it went down. It was a car, which was loved, by lot of people but later it had to stop its journey in 1998 because while it went through a safety check the result was terrible, as the product after the crash was just pieces of aluminium. Roger Mcgough took this idea all the way through and wrote a poem known as â€Å"Stop all the cars† which is based on funeral blues. The idea, which he wanted to convey through this poem, was that he was changing the grief and emotions of WH Auden and brought some fun into it. This poem is about metro, even though it had a terrible result people loved the car and he wrote about the performance of the car and how it went. As we go through the poem there are many similarities as the rhyme and rhythm was almost the same as in funeral Blues it starts off â€Å"stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone† but it changes into â€Å"Stop all the cars, cut off the ignition†. He brings backs the same tune but into more humorous manner. There are similarities between the poems as in funeral blues the poet says let the policemen wear black cotton gloves and it says that wear a black dress or a morning suit. He have brought the soul of funeral blues to the poem as in funeral blues it say that Let aeroplanes circle moaning overhead and it says that Let the traffic lights remain red. The world I meant by soul is that he has used imperatives in the poem and that was the soul of funeral blues. There are more similarities in this poem as in the first line in the penultimate stanza of funeral blues it says that He was my north south my east and west and it says She was my rust bucket, my tin lizzie. So this shows that Mcgough have adopted the pattern to match the structure of the poem. There are some differences in this poem as in funeral blues he composed the poem in four short stanzas but in stop all the cars it is developed into five stanzas. The poem is composed in rhyming couplets and this makes the rhythm more feel. In funeral blues the first two stanzas are about the environments and man built things but as we go to the last two it changes to nature gifts but it is different as this poem is about the bad things of the car and at the end surprise affection towards the car. As we look at the overall effect of the poem Mcgough didn't want to put this in the serious way that he hates the metro or to make the fans of metro disappointed but he wanted to just make a parody of funeral blues and that was the main reason. Metro is a treasure for him because he has taken the time and effort to make a parody for this car, which shows his dedication ad his affection towards this car. Now we move on to Singing in the rain. This is a famous song from the movie singing in the rain. The poem is about a man who enjoys the rain. He is singing and dancing in the rain. The poem from the start gives a glimpse to the reader that the poem is about happiness because of the title itself. The title is the main attraction of the poem and the poet takes this to the next level as he sings the humming â€Å"Doo-dloo-doo-doo-doo† This humming is melodious and this maintains the happiness of the poem. The poet gradually uses this happiness into love as he says â€Å"What a glorious feeling†. This symbolises that even though it is harsh weather the man is enjoying the rain because he is in love. The poet writes I am â€Å"laughing at clouds† this shows that his imagination of love is created is created in the clouds and this explains how happy he is being in love. Every film has a twist in it and the same has happened here. The poem begins with a positive vibe but as it gradually goes the tone and the feeling goes into a negative stage because of the words he use. The poet says, â€Å"Let the stormy clouds chase†. By this sentence he have taken off the all happiness atmosphere above and brought it back to normal. He has structured the rain as tears and the star as sadness is up above and stormy cloud and the ultimate outcome from it is rain. The other one is â€Å"So dark up above†. This sentence brings in harsh words â€Å"Dark†. These words take all the love and emotions from the poem away from anyone. This word happy has been use a lot in the poem and this is the background of the poem and he has stressed on it. The poet wants to show to the reader that the mans life is full of life as he writes â€Å"A life full of you†. This shows that he is in love to the extreme level Now lets move on to Stinging in the rain, which is the parody of Singing in the rain written by Roger Mcgough. He is a poet who tackled issues happening globally and some of the examples are the lesson, which tackles capital punishment. The poem also tackles serious issues, which is acid rain. He brings the intensity of the issue to the poem just by words. It similar to the lesson in many ways as there is extreme violence and touch of humour in the poem. To start he gave the reader a thinking message by giving the title to read â€Å"stinging in the rain†. There is a repetition if this line in the poem and this brings a flow to the start of the poem. He brings lots of techniques to the poem such as verbs and one of them was â€Å"burning my flesh, boiling my brain†. This verb adds some extra effect as this is happening things and they all are strong words such as such as â€Å"burning† and â€Å"boiling† they all gives it an extra punch to the poem. In the poem the poet brings a bit of rhyme as he says â€Å"crying and frying†. These both words sound the same and again these powerful words give a flow to the poem. The poet adds excitement to the poem at the end as he says â€Å"What a glorious feeling†. And dots say that more is to come but it won't come because the poem has ended. It suggests that more bad things will come. Now comparing â€Å"Stop all the clocks† which is an extract from the poem funeral blues and stinging in the rain. They have lots of characteristics in them. The poem stop all the clocks are full about emotion, pain and grief that build up the poem. Funeral blues is about the disappointment of the loss of WH Auden partners and he wants the world to explore his feeling rather than to hide it. Now stinging in the rain is the parody of the famous poem singing in the rain written by Roger Mcgough. The poem is tackling with an issue, which many people are not aware of, and not taking any precautions to stop it. So this is awareness for the people about the issue. The poem uses many techniques such as alliteration. Comparing both of them they have got their own good qualities in them. Now to the conclusion poems are just words which are written into paper. The thing, which brings it into life, is the imagination given to it. All the authors have brought that into their poem. Roger Mcgough and WH Auden have converted their feelings into words and the most wonderful thing that stroked to me is no the poem or the words of it but the techniques they use to approach to the readers. The repetition alliteration simile all brings the poem into life and these all-simple things make a big difference in the final product of the poem. In the lesson the most attracted thing to me is the immense amount of violence Roger Mcgough brought into it with all the death and blood but he didn't keep the poem raw but added humour and pun such as â€Å"First come first severed† and this was an interesting point in the poem. The authority that changes from student to the teacher and the gap of time and the words were able to attract the audience. These all are the features that made the lesson my favourite poem. The poem funeral blues written by WH Auden who was in great grief about the loss of his partner and he gave the relief to it by expressing his feeling and emotions to the world. Now to the poem stop all the cars, which were written by Roger Mcgough who gave a glimpse of hope to the fans of the cat metro, which had to stop production due to its bad review on health and safety measures. Mcgough gave hope to the fans that it was not a bad car but had the capability to attract peoples the poem was a big success. No ending it on the singing on the rain and stinging on the rain. The poem stinging on the rain was by Don Lockwood, which was a famous song. It was about a man dancing on the rain enjoying rather than many other people who were angry and disappointed with it. He enjoyed the train so much because he was in love and the great depth of love made him that rain more excited than usual and stinging in the rain id the parody of the poem, which tackles with global issues such as Acid rain and how this would affect people and exaggerating about it. Love is a concept which Roger Mcgough explores in several different poems of his. The concept of love is so intricate that the ways to express the feelings by writing it is hard but Roger Mcgough was successful. Overall the poems had great techniques and each of them was unique due to the wonderful characteristics.

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Food and Culture a Cross Cultural Look at Eating Habits

Food and Culture: A Cross Cultural Look at Eating Habits No matter where we are from, eating is one of the most personal experiences of life. Everyone finds enjoyment and comfort in eating foods associated with their early days and heritage, but personal sensations and perceptions on eating are merely a fraction of the global picture. Learning about other cultures, their values, and what they seek will enhance relationships between individuals throughout communities and the nation. Eating habits provide a very conducive way for promoting mutual understanding between everyone. According to, food is any nourishing substance ingested in the body to provide energy and sustain life and growth. â€Å"Food habits refer to the way†¦show more content†¦Food is something so common to all, yet it denotes incredibly different ideals from table to table. Food habits are culturally consistent modes of behavior relating to food that have been established by individuals reared in a given cultural tradition (Counihan, 2008, p . 18). The specific behaviors towards food are interrelated with other culture-specific behaviors in the same community. â€Å"Humans do not nourish themselves from natural nutrients, nor from pure dietary principles, but from cultured food-stuffs, chosen and prepared according to laws of compatibility and rules of propriety unique to each cultural area† (Counihan, 2008, p. 76). Food is essential to ethnic, religious, and regional identity. Before delving into the implications of food in the diverse cultural contexts of Spain, China, and the United States, it is important to first understand the background elements of food and how it serves to establish specific cultures. There are four ways to understanding and categorize the food habits and the role of food in different cultures. They include â€Å"frequency of food consumption; ways a culture traditionally prepares and seasons food; daily, weekly, and yearly use of food; and changes in food functions that emerge duri ng structural growth in a culture† (Kittler, 2008, p. 7). The core and complementary foods model groups food together based on their rate of consumption. According to this framework, core foods are those regularly consumed in a person’sShow MoreRelatedUnderstanding Cross Cultural Communication Barriers1631 Words   |  7 PagesIt is a challenge to communicate effectively with people that from different countries and cultures. Due to the different backgrounds and cultures, there are a number of barriers to effective cross-cultural communication. The same words have different meanings to people that from different cultures, even the people that speak the same language. In my own opinion, there are three aspects of cross-cultural communication barriers: they are language, behavior and emotion. Firstly, language is alwaysRead MoreEthnographic Experience with Chinese Essay1004 Words   |  5 PagesEthnographic Experience Introduction Chinese families are highly misunderstood and stereotyped in the United States. It is important to understand a different culture before one makes the assumptions produced by these stereotypes. In order to find a better understanding about Chinese immigrants and Chinese Americans, one must do research on that countries heritage, traditions, and other customs before submerging one-self into a Chinese families home. I chose to experience and observe a ChineseRead MoreCultural Integration And Cultural Assimilation1038 Words   |  5 PagesCultural Assimilation is a procedure by which a person’s culture is transformed by another culture. Throughout the world, many cultures are being assimilated into the Western way of life. The cultures of ethnic groups in the United States and other countries are constantly influenced by the Western culture through movies, singers, clothing brands, food companies, and new technology inventions. Immigrants are expected to resemble the dominant culture in terms of norms, behavior and values. The threeRead MoreAustralian Food Habits 1428 Words   |  6 Pageswhy Australians consume the foods that they do, sometimes we consume food aimlessly without even thinking about the food habits we have developed. I live with my parents which means that a lot of the foods consumed are based around convenience or they are cultural foods that mum and dad grew up with when they were younger. As a university student, I bring in my own income which also influences my food consumption. The aim is to use the Food and Diet Questionnaire and Food Frequency Questionnaire toRead MoreContemporary Issue Policy Assessment On After School Programs Essay1192 Words   |  5 Pagesrefugees in Australia in integrating into the Australian education system and how after-school programs helps to rectify these issues. Nadoo (2009) essentially looks at how an after-school homework tutoring program combats the limitations imposed on the refugees with limite d social and cultural capital by the privileged social class’, whose culture and habitus is prioritized. Habitus refers to an individual’s dispositions influenced by external factors, â€Å"which acts as a mediator between structures andRead MoreImplementing After School Programs For The Canadian Federal Government Essay1203 Words   |  5 Pagesrefugees in Australia in integrating into the Australian education system and how after-school programs helps to rectify these issues. Naidoo (2009) essentially looks at how an after-school homework tutoring program combats the limitations imposed on the refugees with limited social and cultural capital by the privileged social class’, whose culture and habitus is prioritized. Habitus refers to an individual’s dispositions influenced by external factors, â€Å"which acts as a mediator between structures andRead MoreEating Disorders : Anorexia Nervosa4434 Words   |  18 Pages 1 1 Psychology of Anorexia Nervosa Anorexia Nervosa is currently viewed by society as an extremely complicated disorder, misunderstood, over looked, and misjudged based on the stigmas of society. People who suffer from eating disorders like Anorexia do not always report the fact they are in living with the disorder because they are ashamed or scared of what might happen to them or what people will say. An individual may also feel that they do not met the exact criteria of Anorexia Nervosa inRead MoreAmeric A Unique Combination Of Many Cultures Essay1671 Words   |  7 PagesAmerica is a unique combination of many cultures. We are a very diverse nation and we represent many different countries throughout our culture. America allows different beliefs and cultures to represent the diversity that this country has. Some people see diversity as an asset, while others see it as a downfall. We have many different religions in the country, which occasionally causes problems. Different races and views of races also cause prob lems, and is a current major issue in America. ChinaRead MoreEssay about Competition Among Fast Food Chains1639 Words   |  7 PagesCompetition Among Fast Food Chains MARKETING INFORMATION NEED FOR THE FAST FOOD INDUSTRY To begin with, for the fast food industry around the world, the leading fast food chains; marketing information is wrapped around from convenience location, changing preference, quality of food, pricing of fast food, potential customers, age of the customers, menu selection and diversification and last of all superior service. From marketing perspective, LOCATION for the fast food service to theRead MoreMalnutrition: Nursing Theory and Nutritional Status3325 Words   |  14 PagesSocio Cultural Determinants that Affect Nutritional Status (of elderly above sixty years of age and children below five years of age) in Barangay Banga, Talisay, Batangas Introduction The effects of malnutrition on human performance, health and survival have been the subject of extensive research for several decades and studies show that malnutrition affects physical growth, morbidity, mortality, cognitive development, reproduction, and physical work capacity. Malnutrition is an underlying factor

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Tuberculosis As A Lethal Disease - 1388 Words

Tuberculosis, also known as â€Å"consumption† was a lethal disease that started spreading rapidly from family to family in parts of New England in the 18th and 19th centuries. However, not much was known about the disease in those times, leading people to start to suspect that vampires were the cause of the deaths. In an effort to protect their families and community, some people resorted to old-folk remedies, rooted from Europe. They exhumed the bodies of deceased relatives who died of consumption and checked to see if they had â€Å"fresh,† circulating, liquid blood in their hearts, which would indicate that the deceased had become a vampire. They believed that one of the relatives was not completely dead and was â€Å"draining† the life of his living relatives by stealing their blood and essentially placing it in his own corpse’s heart. In order to stop further spread of the disease, once it is discovered which of the deceased had become a vampire, the corpse’s vital organs such as his heart and lungs are removed and burned to ashes. Burning the heart to ashes fastens the drying of the fresh, liquid blood, which kills the vampire for good in the process. Additionally, many believed that consuming the vampire’s burned ashes acts as a cure for the living relatives that are infected with consumption (Bell 124-140). Dracula, written by Bram Stoker in the end of the 19th century, is known by many as the most influential vampire novel to ever be written. Dracula introduces the vampire CountShow MoreRelatedEssay On Tuberculosis831 Words   |  4 Pagesmoieties for the treatment of tuberculosis and still running to enlighten more possible ways to withstand and draw a full stop to the condition, the standard reports of tuberculosis enlisting cases are still on the increment side rather to declining state. Since 90s the regimen of anti-TB drugs is well established but now it is under red alters concern as the drugs are resistant to the causative bacilli, M. tuberculosis, endangering mostly the developing countries and disease prone areas of the worldRead MoreMycobacterium Tuberculosis An Overwhelming Pathogen.1272 Words   |  6 Pages Mycobacterium Tuberculosis an Overwhelming Pathogen Alejandro Pinon Miami Dade College Author Notes Contact: Read MoreTuberculosis Essay1132 Words   |  5 PagesTuberculosis Forms of tuberculosis have been present in the human population since ancient times. Fragments of spinal columns from Egyptian mummies dating back to 2400 BC show definite pathological signs of tubercular decay. Around 460 BC Hippocrates wrote on the subject of a disease which we now know as tuberculosis. In his article he warned his colleagues against visiting cases in the late stages of the disease, because the patient’s inevitable death might damage the reputations of theRead MoreThe Growing Problem of Resistance to Antibiotics1199 Words   |  5 Pagesresistance has been a growing concern as years pass, and has become one of the world’s most pressing health concerns. Antibiotics are substances of medicinal purposes that inhibit the growth of bacteria like tuberculosis and malaria. Antibiotics are used to prevent infections of possibly fatal diseases. The resistance to an antibiotic occurs when a bacterium changes in a way that makes an antibiotic ineffective against a targeted bacterium. There are many causes of antibiotic resistan ce, some due to prescriptionRead MoreEpidemiology.Research. Tuberculosis1560 Words   |  7 Pagesï » ¿ Tuberculosis _ Epidemiology and Nursing Research. Concepts in Community Public Health NRS427V November14, 2013 Tuberculosis _Epidemiology and Nursing Research. Communicable diseases occurs in every country regardless of urban, rural, or with socio economical diversities. In order to help in prevention and control of communicable diseases, locally, nationally and globally, nurses who are working with the public health system , mustRead MoreTuberculosis : Public Health Problem1389 Words   |  6 Pages Tuberculosis in the Philippines Chelsea R. Caldejon #83972082 Public Health 1 2015 Zuzana Bic Public Health Problem My family originated from a very poor and underdeveloped country, where it is also incredibly humid and unbearably polluted. Men, women, and children alike walk around the streets barefooted and covered in dirt while suffocated by the grime in the air and the harsh burning sun. This is the Philippines, the country my ancestors fought for and ironically theRead MoreHomelessness Is A Growing Problem1429 Words   |  6 Pagesbe targeting the homeless population in our Miami-Dade community who are suffering from tuberculous. Tuberculosis have been recognized as an important health problem among the homeless population, that is why I believe it is very important to teach the homeless population in our community how to prevent the spread of tuberculosis and how to take preventable measures not to contract the disease. Homelessness is a result of, social, economic, and individual forces, other factors that can also contributeRead MoreAntimicrobial Resistance Towards Antimicrobial Drugs905 Words   |  4 Pagesthere has been an increase of antimicrobial resistance towards antimicrobial drugs, because the use of antibiotics has increased and microbes are exposed to non-lethal dosages of drugs, thus allowing the microbes to evolve a resistance. †¢ Introduction o Attention Getter ï‚ § Imagine 20 years from now when your child is sick with tuberculosis, but there is no antibiotic to treat this deadly infection. Would you want to be the parent that is told by your child’s doctor that there is no treatment for theRead More Understanding Malaria Essay735 Words   |  3 Pagesspread and characteristics of various infectious diseases. Though it makes sense not to possibly induce a state of panic by informing individuals of illnesses that are not native to the area they live in and that they are not likely to contract, I have always liked to remain informed out of my own curiosity and interest. Thus, I have decided to write about malaria. Malaria kills more people than any communicable disease except for tuberculosis. It is caused by four species of parasitic protozoaRead MoreTreatment of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Essay1113 Words   |  5 Pagesbirth processor during breastfeeding.† There is no cure for HIV or AIDS but over time different types of medications have been developed that slows down the advancement of the disease. AIDS is a lethal disease that is caused by HIV. HIV destroys the immune system and causes the body to not be able to fight off any diseases. HIV goes through several different movements before it leads to AIDs. The first step is the serioconversion illness. This symptoms of this illness is very similar to the flu